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InstaFoam™ is the world’s first Vegan friendly, natural, non-GMO, FDA approved, kosher liquid that will give you a frothy and thick foam that will last long after other foams have gone flat. InstaFoam™ will work across a wide range of pH and temperatures to create a superior, long lasting foam without the need for egg whites and their risk of bacterial contamination.

You’ll just love it’s lacy appearance and exceptional smooth, creamy mouth feel. By preventing smaller bubbles from developing into larger bubbles with thinning walls that collapse at the liquids surface, our patent-pending InstaFoam™ product will create a volume of foam for your drink that will remain stable for just pennies a glass. You can even stencil on InstaFoam™ and not worry about it bleeding out. Just look at some of the stencil designs in use in our gallery.

InstaFoam™ can replace 50% of egg whites in cooking recipes making a light as air souffle, mousse or homemade marshmallows. Just look at all the possible ways you can use InstaFoam™.

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