Our Mission

To nourish lives through flavor choices that bring families closer together. We are committed to using sustainable resources and green technology to develop products that will create a culinary emotion in every bite.

CSI is an innovative IOT technology company which owns and operates one of the world’s largest cocktail and food ingredient databases, The Cocktail and Flavor Matrix™, in addition to developing new products that naturally enhance the aromatic flavors in food and beverages.

Utilizing our proprietary algorithms, we can predict and graphically demonstrate the most innovative food and drink pairings, helping bartenders, chefs and families deliver deliciousness in every bite or sip. By using our proprietary Tapestry of Taste™ profile you can personalize ingredient combinations that will deliver pleasure and wellness to you and your family.

CSI focuses on how taste is interpreted and perceived by the brain in releasing dopamine. Understanding how the mind creates flavor through neural and pharmaceutical pathways can result in tastier, healthier, more pleasurable and nutrient-rich choices in recipe creation.

Working with taste perception, and as a leader in the fields of neurogastronomy, gastrophysics, sensomics and psychology, CSI has developed several patent-pending products that enhance flavor profiles while reducing sodium, fat and sugar levels.

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